EP 19 - Wedding "Special" with Steven Van Elk and Dustin McKibben of the Wedding Photo Hangover


Welcome to episode 19 - Wedding photography special. Ross and I teamed up with Steven & Dustin from the Wedding photo hangover podcast. There is a BIG WARNING with this episode. There is a little bit swearing, alcohol and just all round silliness.

We talk with them about wedding photography, sports photography, and landscape photography in this episode.

Is it okay to shark a client out from underneath another photographer?
Have you ever forgotten the names of the bride and groom?
How can you fix the sun's reflection in the water so it doesn't look wavy?
How do you find a cool location for a selfie with sun and light and water and mountain?
I wake with the rooster to do sunset shots but the sun is not setting. I wake with the owl to do sunrise shots but the sun is not rising. What am I? (I'm sorry I had to include this to relieve myself of the burden of being the only person to see this awful thing).

Be sure to check out their:

Website: https://weddinghangover.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeddingPhotoHangover/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weddingphotohangover/

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