EP 19 - Wedding "Special" with Steven Van Elk and Dustin McKibben of the Wedding Photo Hangover

EP 19 - Wedding "Special" with Steven Van Elk and Dustin McKibben of the Wedding Photo Hangover

Welcome to episode 19 - Wedding photography special. Ross and I teamed up with Steven & Dustin from the Wedding photo hangover podcast. There is a BIG WARNING with this episode. There is a little bit swearing, alcohol and just all round silliness.

We talk with them about wedding photography, sports photography, and landscape photography in this episode.

EP 14: Alistair Hamil gets in depth with Astro Photography


Returning again all the way from Northern Ireland, Astro & Landscape photographer Alistair Hamil joins us to continue on from episode 2 discussing Astro photography.

With his recent tour around camera clubs with his talk: Not so dark after all. Alistair dives in to more depth about astro photograph and how we can better our photographs. From What to look out for, the times of year best for milky way and even some gear talk. So join James, Ross and Alistair for another good old chat.

EP 13 Photographing Canada & whisky with Erik McRitchie

EP-13 -2.jpg

In a world of many photographers, only a few stand out! It’s not easy to make the viewer feel cold when they are looking at an image of a frozen lake in Canada but photographer Erik McRitchie does just that.


This episode James and Ross chat to world renowned Canadian photographer Erik McRitchie about how he has made a name for himself in Canada working with brands like Lexus and Columbia clothing and further afield with his “Barrel to Bottle” project

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