EP 20 - The business of wedding photography with Adam Mason


Episode 20! I can’t believe that we have reached 20 episodes. This episode we chat with Washington DC photographer Adam Mason. Adam also hosts the Bearded Tog podcast where he discusses everything from pricing, social media, marketing and so much more. Adam is also often joined by great guests such as: Jasmine Star, Two Mann Studios, Nathan Holritz, Robert J Hill and so many more.

We get to know more about Adam but also talk about his mentoring, advising other photographers in the world of photography and we touch base on his plans for US wedding domination as he starts his associate photography program.

We also cover a couple of questions from our Facebook group:

  • Typically, wedding photographers are minimalists during the day. Do you still have most of your gear with you, but just in your car? Aside from Body & Lenses, what have you found to be must carries.

  • When do you set up any extra gear such as flashes? What occasions to you need ‘extra gear’ for?

  • How often do you upgrade gear? Only as needed as soon as a newer model comes out?

Where to find Adam & the Bearded Tog podcast:

Bearded Tog: https://adammason.com/podcast

Website: https://adammason.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adammasonphotography

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masonphotography

Twiter: https://twitter.com/adaminspired

The questions take up a good part of the show and we would be keen to know your thoughts, join the Facebook group and leave us a comment.


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