EP 11 When event managers are not happy & where has James been?

Welcome to episode 11 of the the Photographers craic podcast. A photography podcast talking all things photography. With your hosts: James Kelly & Ross Eaglesham.

This week, Ross finally pin’s down James to have a right good catch up. James has been all over the place this last 2 months and shares his experiences.. Ross talks about a conundrum he has which results in upsetting the events manager and we are keep to know what you would have done in his situation (email: hello@thephotographerscraic.com or comment on the Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/thephotographerscraic ). Check out below the photographs we has been talking about.

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Ross’s “Guess where”.

James’s images from the engagement shoot in the Faroe Islands

James photographs from the Faroe islands Workshop (2 places left for 2019: https://www.justjamesk.com/photography-adventures/

EP 10 Ross & Kenny Talk Drones

With James flying solo in the last episode, ross recruits his friend Kenny to discuss their recent adventure around the North east of Scotland. Taking them to Stirling, Dundee, Dunnottar & Slains castle, Rattray head lighthouse and finally the Bow fiddle.

They also discuss camper van life.

EP05: UK vs US wedding showdown with Andy Buscemi

EP05: UK vs US wedding showdown with Andy Buscemi

We get a run down with his typical wedding and compare the difference. We talk about the £,£££ vs $,$$$ and so much more. Andy along with the mythical legend Neil Urban run the fantastic WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS UNITE! podcast that is dedicated to wedding photography in the US and sometimes UK when James himself is joined.

EP04: Talking Second Shooters, Backing up and new camera systems

EP04: Talking Second Shooters, Backing up and new camera systems

Lets talk about second shooters, do you have a contract for them, should you let them use the images for their own portfolio? Ross is thinking about changing his camera system and leaving Canon and lastly, James has started his marketing plan to conquer Europe and Scandinavia and looking in to a new backup system. 

EP 03: Alyce Bender: Living in North Japan, planing too travel North America & Jellyfish

EP 03: Alyce Bender: Living in North Japan, planing too travel North America & Jellyfish

Join James, Ross and special guest Alyce Bender as we talk about her photography, living in northern Japan, planing a 10 month road trip around North America and photographing jellyfish.

26 day Adventure and The Fog Bow with Melvin Nicholson | EP03

Welcome to episode 03 and I am joined with full time photographer Melvin Nicholson. Melvin has just returned from a 26 day adventure around the english coast. Armed with his mini bus, an Ikea bed, camera and a hell of a lot of will power!

We discussed the photography workshops he runs and the photograph of the Fogbow in Rannoch Moor that went viral world wide.

Melvins Website: goo.gl/YqNegq
Melvins Facebook: goo.gl/nSXczV
Melvins Youtube: goo.gl/LxM3o2

Sports & Wedding Photography | Ep 02

Welcome to episode 02 of the 30 Second Exposure. I am joined by part time photographer Ross Eaglesham who lives just out Glasgow. Ross specialises in sports, wedding and portrait photography while working full time as a teacher.

We chat about how he became a sports photographer, being involved with picture agencies, turning round images in a matter of minutes. We also discuss about his wedding photography, how he started and lastly when he has some free time, getting out to photograph landscape.

You can view ross's work here:
Website: goo.gl/owcnyo
Facebook: goo.gl/7WjBLf
Instagram: goo.gl/aegTyr

We also discussed out sourcing editing with Photographers Edit: www.photographersedit.com Referral code: Ref354Z0MbM

And lastly, check out the Wedding Photographers Unite! Podcast here: goo.gl/PRwyTY

Lets get to know each other | Ep 01

Ok lets do this, lets get to know each other! 
Welcome to episode 01 of the 30 Second Exposure. Lets talk about my background in photography, why I am doing this podcast and the future of my career.

This is first episode, so I do apologise if it is a little rough around the edges. There is so much to learn with podcasting but I am excited to learn.

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Instagram: goo.gl/yoxayK
YouTube: goo.gl/apCoH9

Music: The Move - Daniel Kadawatha