Join James Kelly (highlands of Scotland) and co-host Ross Eaglesham (Glasgow) two photographers from Scotland as we talk about whats been happening in our own photography world, chat with other photographers on their own careers and adventures.

If you are just starting out your own photography, looking to become a full time photographer or a professional looking for some inspiration, we aim is to inspire and motivate you to create with your passion.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, feed back or if you would like to collaborate.

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James Kelly


I fell in love with photography from an early age and I have been working professionally since the age of 19.  After studying photography at college, I started a company, Modern-Image. Our specialty was promotional photography for bars & nightclubs. In 2009, I decided I wanted a new path in photography.  I sold Modern-Image and in the same year and by complete accident, I fell I love with the very different specialties of wedding and equine photography. 

As an adult, and as a photographer, in some ways little has changed. I still venture out into the wilds of Scotland, with the right kit, hungry for the right shot, facing sleet or dazzling sun, crossing coastal cliffs or hiking up rugged mountain ranges. Like so many people I have a passion for this land and attempt to convey its mystery and its magic in every shot.  The light in Scotland is a photographer’s dream and it’s a true pleasure to work here.  I don’t see how a photographer could fail to be inspired and captivated by Scotland’s landscapes. The countryside, the weather, the seasons, the wildlife; it’s simply enthralling and always challenging

The timeless quality about being a professional photographer is that at the end of the day, at the end of a shoot, when I’m exhausted and have captured the best shots I can, just like a child, I return home for dinner and start planning the next big adventure



Ross Eaglesham


James' self-proclaimed handsome Irishman, I was actually born in Scotland but moved to the Emerald Isle when I very young.  I came back to Scotland for university which is when I discovered my love for photography.

Having bought my first DSLR in 2010 I broke my leg 3 weeks later so I spent the next 4 months self-teaching and learning what this magic little box of tricks could create. I shot my first wedding 2yrs later and haven't looked back since.

I worked for a sports agency for 4yrs and covered such events as the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, The Ryder Cup at Gleneagles and the Rugby World Cup in Newcastle.  All three of these were unforgettable experiences but weddings are where my photographic passion lies! 

I am also a maths teacher and love to talk... far too much... but always try to keep things vaguely related where possible.

And I like to correct James. A lot....!